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  • Leopards and Tigers and Birthdays… Oh My!

    It’s safe to say that I simply don’t place the same level of celebratory importance on the much-anticipated 21st birthday that most people do.  In fact, my birthdays in general tend to be rather dull events in my mind- particularly the last few.  As time wears on and my endless battle with the opposing forces of my desire to do something in this world continues, my resolve somehow remains unchanged.

    I want to make a difference.

    I will make a difference.

    Even if it’s just a small one.

    This year, I had an unexpected (and, to be honest, unwelcome) visitor around my birthday who insisted on buying me a gift.  He planned to buy me a Google Chromebook.  After doing some research to figure out what the hell that was, I declined, saying that I had no need for one.  Still, the insistence on getting a gift continued, eventually getting into the realm of nagging.

    For the record, I do very much appreciate people wanting to get something for me (it’s a very rare thing; typically it’s always been the other way around).  But when someone politely informs you that they don’t want you to get them a gift, it’s best to just take them at their word.  In this case, however, I can hardly complain about the result. Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • Endometriosis: The Disease that Takes Your Life Without Killing You

    The past two months may have been the most difficult of my life.  And I fear the worst is still yet to come.  As accustomed to it as I am, I still find the loneliness to be the most trying.  I will never again underestimate the value of support when dealing with serious illness.  It is, frankly, invaluable.  Equally distressing, however, is the knowledge that in encumbering the people closest to me with my condition, I am bringing my suffering onto them.  Even the most willing of my friends cannot understand, nor do I wish them to.

    An entry from my personal journal, never previously shared with anyone.  But today, in recognition of the selfless efforts of my dear friend Tom (better known around the internet as Tom T 117) to bring recognition to what he appropriately terms an “ignored epidemic,” I have finally felt compelled to break from my lifelong silence. Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • Retro Review- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    The story of a young boy growing up on a small, serene island floating on a vast ocean holding unknown wonders to explore and mysteries to solve, Wind Waker is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventure games ever made. With a unique, memorable, and stimulating storyline, this title easily lives up to what one would expect from a series as renowned as the Legend of Zelda. Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • 7 Ways Social Networking is Destroying Relationships

    1.  Providing a false sense of closeness

    The whole concept behind “social networking” online is to be connected with everyone, everywhere, all the time.  There is nothing wrong with this concept; it provides a cost-effective, easy way to stay in touch with distant relatives or friends who have moved away.  I enjoy keeping tabs on what my military buddies are up to in Germany or Japan via status updates.  But should social networks take precedence as the default method of staying in touch?  Before MySpace, Facebook, Google+, and yes… blogs, it meant more when people stayed in touch.  Phone calls, personal letters, emails, announcements of special events like weddings or graduations.  All of these differ from the modern day status update by one simple factor:  they were purposeful.  If someone called you on the phone to ask how you were doing, it showed that they cared enough to think about you specifically, pick up the phone, and carry on a polite conversation. Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • The Other Us: Women and the Gaming Community

    For as long as the human race has existed, our vast and wonderful dissimilarities have always divided us, and even thousands of years of enlightenment have failed to completely erase that instinctive impulse to mentally differentiate ourselves from others.  The gaming community has long been a target of blatant and unwarranted stereotyping by the bulk of society.  Of course, as gamers we all know that we are not a collective of socially inept basement dwellers.  We are a lively, diverse, and proud group of people united not by age, occupation, or social aptitude, but by our shared passion.  We are all unique.  We are all different.

    But do our differences divide us against each other? Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • It’s Time to Live

    My whole life I have felt alone.  Such a stranger to the vast and vibrant world.  An outcast.  I’ve never belonged.  I never thought I would, either.  But there are so many people around me now.

    Talking, laughing, smiling.  I find myself smiling with them.

    When did I start to smile so often?

    When did my fear and self-doubt turn to trust and happiness?  Who am I today compared to who I used to be? Continue reading  Post ID 144

  • Be the Change

    I don’t know how anyone else feels about a lot of the “issues” being widely discussed and debated in modern society. And I do not want to.

    One of the biggest problems in the world today seems to be that people have forgotten the proper process for enacting change. If they want to convey a message, they copy and paste a status update for a “cause” on their facebook pages. Many of these posts are unoriginal, highly exaggerated, completely one-sided, and aim solely to inflame or offend others who have different beliefs on the issue. Continue reading  Post ID 144